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Pressure washing service by Ventura Window Cleaning.  We pressure wash walkways, homes, roofs anything you would like power washed.

We can do almost any pressure washing job in one day as I have three power washing washing machines, and when we give you your free estimate included is cleaning any windows and screens that may have been messed up from power washing.

We have been pressure washing homes and businesses roofs, wall, walkways, and driveways for more than seventeen years and we are good, VERY good at what we do.

  My name is John and I take great pride in the work done, from window cleaning and power washing to chandelier and solar panel cleaning cleaning.

Ventura window cleaning is fully insured for pressure washing, window cleaning, chandelier cleaning and any of the services we offer.  In all the time I have been in business we've never had to use the insurance because we are VERY careful.

We are not a BIG service I keep it small to ensure outstanding quality on every job we do!


4000 sq ft of roof when completed all the green moss was gone.  Having this green algae removed also adds value to the sale of your home. 


5500 sq ft home we power washed the exterior, and the roof.  We used two pressure washers, had we needed three no problem I have three


Miscellaneous power washing photos above and below


Miscellaneous photos of how pressure washing will enhance the beauty of your home. 

For more then seventeen years I have been pressure washing, and power washing homes, roofs, walkways, balcony's and just about anything else a person wants power washed. 

We take great pride in the details we overlap with the power washer to ensure not an inch is missed.  We do pressure washing, and power washing in Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Paula, Ojai and all across Ventura County California.  My name is John Page and I look forward to working for you.