Ventura Window Cleaning

window cleaning - pressure washing - solar panel cleaning - chandelier cleaning - Hard Water Removal


Ventura window cleaning, cleaning windows, pressure washing, cleaning solar panels, Rain gutters, and chandeliers for over 21 years under a single owner.

My name is John and I have been running Ventura window cleaning since 1999.  I really enjoy what I do and that shows in the work we do.  I guarantee ALL our work, even though we've been paid for the window cleaning and you have inspected the job and paid us you STILL have 7 days to call if you notice something not right.  The sun moves around and sometimes will show a flaw we missed, call we'll return and make it right.

There will be no streaks, smears or drips left behind Ventura Window cleaning takes pride in our work



I wish to thank you for considering Ventura Window Cleaning and I look forward to working for you.

We are the premier window cleaning service in Ventura, Oxnard and all across Ventura County.  When we make an appointment I am ON TIME or 25% off.

Cleaning windows is something I really enjoy and that shows in the work.  My helpers have all been trained on my home first, and as of Sept 2019 they have all been with me for five years or more.  They are paid well for politeness and perfection.  My prices range from $11.00 to $15,00 depending on if your windows are regular flat glass or French grid panes.  We also do construction cleans I look forward to your call and working for you.

Ventura Window Cleaning none are better some as good, put me to the test you won't regret it

Some window cleaning photos to show just how good our window cleaners are and I work on just about every job

All estimates are free

Before we cleaned the windows

Ventura window cleaning before the cleaning

We remove hard water damage

We remove hard water from showers too

After we cleaned the windows

Ventura window cleaning after the cleaning

After we removed the hard water

This was one of the harder shower jobs

Before cleaning the windows

No matter how many windows we get it done

Getting the hard water stains off

Weeee half done

After cleaning the windows

Ventura window cleaning

Hard water stains removed

Four hours later PERFECTION

I clean windows, do pressure washing, solar panel cleaning, chandelier cleaning in Ventura, Santa Paula, Oxnard, Camarillo, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Oak Park, Agoura Hills and Malibu California.  I don't care if you own a Volkswagen or a Rolls Royce, if you have a Cozy Sngle Story or a Mega Mansion my pricing is the same for everyone for Window washing or any of my services.

I have been cleaning windows, chandeliers, solar panels, rain gutters and pressure washing homes, walkways, roofs, wall and just about anything else you'd like power washed for more than 21 years.  I really like what I do, and I do it well.  You may have come across one of my five websites in addition to this one my apologies but I'd rather key in on each of the City's in Ventura County at 14.99 renewal fee per domain then pay someone for the $500.00 a month SEO (search engine optimization) so I am easy to find, so instead I make my own webs.