Chandelier Cleaning Service

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Ventura window cleaning has been cleaning chandeliers for over 17 years leaving them sparkling clean.

We clean your crystal chandeliers the old fashioned way, piece by piece.  We remove the crystals in small sections, clean replace and then the next small section.

Other chandelier cleaning services use sprays and try to clean the crystals in place, that is a good way to have other crystals fall and break as the hands try to squeeze into tight places.
  Our estimates for cleaning your chandeliers are free, and when the appointment is made we WILL be on time or 25% off!

I personally do the chandelier cleaning, and my helper has been working with me for over five years.  We have the experience others wish they had.

When you hire Ventura window cleaning to clean your chandeliers we cover the floor, we use our own table to clean the pieces on, and we DO NOT break pieces.

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The owner didn't think these chandeliers could be cleaned and restored - I said we could or no charge!  Showroom ready when finished.

Dr. Kim was absolutely amazed at how sparkly her chandeliers are as you can tell from her video review.

There were nine Waterford crystal chandeliers we cleaned in this home, roughly $350,00.00 worth

I could put many hundreds of photos up of of chandeliers that we have cleaned but I think what I have here along with Dr. Kims review of our chandelier cleaning service should give you an excellent idea of what you can expect when you hire Ventura window cleaning to clean your chandeliers.